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MTV news: Taylor Swift’s Relationship Plays Out In Her Daughter’s Imagination in ‘Lover’ Music Video

Prior to the release of Taylor Swift's highly anticipated 'Lover' album on August 23, the pop star released the music video for the title track, which takes place inside her future daughter's imagination on Christmas.


MTV news: Miley Cyrus Comments On Breakup With Liam Hemsworth: ‘I Am Not A Liar’

Miley Cyrus took to Twitter with a series of tweets clarifying exactly what has happened between her and now ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, stressing that while she's made many mistakes in her life, cheating wasn't one of them.


MTV news: Cara Delevingne Praises Taylor Swift For Re-Recording Her Old Songs

Cara Delevingne praises her close friend Taylor Swift's grit as well as her "endless fire" for speaking up for herself and making the decision to re-record her old songs in the wake of Scooter Braun purchasing the masters to the originals.


MTV news: Trump Finally Helped Disabled Veterans With Their Student Loans

The president signed an executive measure on Wednesday, August 21 that would remove some bureaucratic barriers for permanently disabled veterans to qualify for student loan forgiveness.


MTV news: G-Eazy Enlists T-Pain, Ty Dolla $ign, And Tyga On Three New Vastly Different Tracks

G-Eazy has dropped the 'All Facts,' 'Got a Check,' and the video for 'Bang' today. Ty Dolla $ign, T-Pain, and Tyga are featured on these, respectively.


MTV news: KJ Apa Loses His Faith And Finds It Again In I Still Believe Trailer

KJ Apa stars alongside Britt Robertson in the upcoming Christian romance film 'I Still Believe,' and the trailer was released earlier today (August 22). In it, the 'Riverdale' actor plays real-life musician Jeremy Camp as he and his wife navigate her battle with ovarian cancer.


MTV news: Everything You Need To Know About Who Dropped Out Of The 2020 Presidential Race

While there is still plenty of road left in 2019, some Presidential hopefuls are already bowing out of the competition, and are setting their eyes on other prizes. Who has decided to drop out? What will they do next? And what impact did they have on the 2020 race overall? Here's your guide to the former contenders.


MTV news: Miley Cyrus’s New Tattoo Immortalizes Her Headline-Making Italian Vacation

Miley Cyrus showed off a new tattoo she got in tribute to a sculpture she saw while in Italy, which raises a few questions about her intentions behind immortalizing her trip there.


MTV news: Finneas Rides A ‘Feverish’ Wave Of Love On New Song ‘Shelter’

FINNEAS releases his urgent new song 'Shelter' and announces his debut EP, 'Blood Harmony.'


MTV news: LAUV And Anne-Marie Have Their Own ‘Lonely’ Dance Parties In New Video

LAUV and Anne-Marie dance on their own in the colorful new video for their "13 Reasons Why" collaboration, "fuck, i'm lonely."


MTV news: What You Need To Know About The Amazonian Fires: ‘The Climate Crisis Is Here, Now, Today’

There's only one thing to blame for the Amazonian fires: Deforestation. Such an accelerated rate of burn threatens the entire carbon dioxide and oxygen output of the globe.


MTV news: The Teen Mom Kiddos Are Ready For A Brand-New School Year

Check out the 'Teen Mom' kiddos as they begin a brand-new school year.


MTV news: Surprise News: How Ryan And Mackenzie Revealed They’re Having Another Teen Mom OG Baby

Surprise! Ryan and Mackenzie from 'Teen Mom OG' are expecting another baby.


MTV news: Challenge Bios: These Are The Americans And Brits Vying For War Of The Worlds 2 Glory

Get to know all about the stacked cast of 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.'


MTV news: Taylor Swift Previewed Lover And Played A Carefree Classic On Good Morning America

Taylor Swift performed 'You Need To Calm Down, 'ME!,' and 'Shake It Off' for 'Good Morning America,' previewing her new album, 'Lover,' ahead of its release. She also briefly discussed her decision to re-record the masters for her first five albums.


MTV news: Friends Could Have Lost One Of Its Most Iconic Characters In The First Season

A new book celebrating 25 years of Friends has some interesting excerpts contained within, like the one about one iconic character potentially having to leave midway through the first season.


MTV news: NJOMZA Talks Sad Girl Vibes, ‘7 Rings,’ And Turning Her ‘Brain Vomit’ Into New Music

Singer NJOMZA talks to MTV News about being in Ariana Grande's "7 rings" video, her plans for new music, and her Mac Miller-inspired new song "No One Is Spared,"


MTV news: BROCKHAMPTON Use Dark Churches And Rocking Boats To Show Their Sadness In ‘No Halo’

BROCKHAMPTON have released an emotional new video for 'No Halo.' The song appears on their forthcoming studio album, 'Ginger.'


MTV news: Whoops! Did This Catfish Con Commit The Biggest Blunder Ever?

This 'Catfish' may have committed the biggest error ever -- he gave out his work address!


MTV news: First It Chapter Two Reactions Praise Script, Mix Of Horror And Humor

Critic reactions are finally in for It Chapter 2, and early reviews are calling this rendezvous with the nefarious Pennywise epic, brutal, and satisfying – but we still can't wait to see it for ourselves.


MTV news: Keeping Up With NCT 127, The Bold K-pop Group Always On The Move

K-pop group NCT 127 talk their 2019 VMA Nomination for Best K-pop, the making of “Highway To Heaven,” how they relax, and what drives them to perform.


MTV news: The Boyz Next Door

MTV News talks to the dozen-member K-pop rookie act The Boyz about their formation, how they're developing their own separate identities, and how they're growing strong as a singular force.


MTV news: David Makes Man Is A Magical Portrait Of The Joys And Trauma Of Being Black

'David Makes Man,' OWN's new series from Oscar-winning screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney and executive producers Michael B. Jordan and Oprah Winfrey, creates a new portrait of Black youth using elements of magical realism.


MTV news: Anything For Selenas: Walking Dead Star Christian Serratos Is Reportedly Joining Netflix’s Series

'Walking Dead' star Christian Serratos is currently in talks to play the Queen of Tejano music in 'Selena: The Series' on Netflix.


MTV news: Charlie Puth Has Been Bamboozled! Tricked! And Led Astray! In ‘I Warned Myself’

Charlie Puth is back with an exciting and angry new single, 'I Warned Myself.' He's been cheated on, or maybe has been the one that is involved in someone else's cheating. Either way, he's pissed.


MTV news: 5 Seconds Of Summer Go Through The World’s Worst Dentist Trip In ‘Teeth’

5 Seconds Of Summer have released the new music video for 'Teeth' that's about bad dentists and scary surgery. You're going to want to push your upcoming appointment back a couple of months.


MTV news: She’s Back: Laurel’s Teammates Sound Off On The Champ’s War Of The Worlds 2 Return

Laurel is returning to 'The Challenge' via 'War of the Worlds 2' -- but what do her former buddy and her ex-boyfriend think of that?


MTV news: Taylor Swift’s Fans Have Known Her For 13 Years — This Is How She’s Kept Growing With Them

Taylor Swift's strong, intimate relationship with her fans has long been one of the key components to her success. From the release of her self-titled album to the 'Lover' era, here's how her friendship with her Swifties has evolved.


MTV news: BTS Is Getting A New Show And It’ll Be Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

Big Hit Entertainment announced that a show based on the BTS Universe is in the works, but the guys won't be playing themselves.


MTV news: MTV To Explore What It’s Like To Be Ghosted

Check out a glimpse of the brand-new series 'MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing.'


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