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Top Stories

Black hole possibly swallowed neutron star, causing ripples in space

The cosmic collision could be the first example of a black hole colliding with a neutron star — possibly offering new insights into the expansion of the universe

98-year-old "bag boy" gets birthday surprise

Bartholomeo "Bennie" Ficeto works two days a week and refuses to take a break – in fact, he wants to pick up an extra shift

Beyond Meat frenzy paves way for Wall Street's first vegan ETF

Fund is the first of what could be a wave of investments for people who want to put their money behind animal rights

Trump says U.S. already has "very strong" gun background checks

Advocates of stricter gun control reforms fear the president might be backing away from his push for tougher background checks

Why U.S. Steel, a showcase for Trump, is laying off workers

Donald Trump has touted his steel tariffs as bolstering U.S. Steel, but market stagnation is hurting demand

Kaepernick reveals what led him to protest during anthem

Kaepernick said he felt compelled to take action after the death of Mario Woods, who was shot 20 times by police

Hedge funds making millions off Europe's killer heat waves

Carbon-emission credits are hotter than ever on Wall Street, attracting investors eager to cash in on climate change

Graduates of these U.S. colleges earn the most

The top five schools linked to high incomes after graduation aren't even in the Ivy Leagues

Cost of employer-sponsored health care plans has risen twice as fast as wages over last decade

Employees with company-sponsored health insurance plans spent 67% more on health coverage in 2018 compared to 2008.

Biden launches first TV ad in Iowa

Biden joins Kamala Harris, Tom Steyer and Kirsten Gillibrand on the Iowa airwaves with this ad buy

Pompeo calls criticism of Trump alliance "offensive" and "ludicrous"

In a New Yorker profile, an unnamed former U.S. ambassador called Mike Pompeo a "heat-seeking missile for Trump's ass"

Facebook will let users hide off-Facebook activity

Users will be able to control Facebook Pixel and other tools the company uses to collect user data on other sites

Hong Kong police officers arrested after video shows assault

Footage captured two officers in the uniform repeatedly hitting him in the head and genitals

French couple accused of stealing Italian sand

A couple accused of attempting to take home sand from their Italian vacation may face prison time. Authorities said the French couple attempted to take 90 pounds of sand from Sardinia's famed beaches. CBS News' Gwen Baumgardner reports.

Studying at these colleges can pay off financially over a lifetime

Your college major and alma mater can make a big difference in what you'll earn in the job market.

Tourists face jail time for stealing sand from Sardinia, Italy

The couple told police they took the sand because they wanted to keep it as a "souvenir"

World's largest highway overpass for wildlife on track in Calif.

$87 million bridge will enable all sorts of species to cross in search of food, mates, space without risk of becoming roadkill and aid conservation efforts

Police hunt killer in California university stabbing

Steven Shek Keung Chan, 57, was discovered in his vehicle with multiple stab wounds Monday

About "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell"

The "CBS Evening News" premiered as a half-hour broadcast Sept. 2, 1963. Check local listings for broadcast times

Coming soon to Netflix: Movie trailers crafted by AI

Streaming giant is investing in tech that can automate part of the trailer-making process for its massive library

Trump says his administration is considering payroll tax cut, contradicting staff

Hours ago, White House officials denied a payroll tax was under consideration to safeguard the economy

More than 20 Texas local governments face ransomware attack

Cyberattack typically spreads through malicious links in emails and has crippled a string of cities in recent years

Planned Parenthood refuses Title X federal funding due to "gag rule"

In a stand against the Trump administration's so-called "gag rule," Planned Parenthood has refused Title X federal funding. CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford reports on the decision, and reporter Kate Smith joins CBSN to explain how the changes will impact the nonprofit organization and patients seeking health care from Planned Parenthood clinics.

Trump says he's considering cuts in capital gains and payroll taxes

President Trump discussed the state of the economy during a meeting with the president of Romania at the White House on Tuesday. He said he was exploring cuts on capital gains and payroll taxes, but denied the economy is in danger of slipping into a recession.

Romanian president visits Trump at White House

Trump raised the idea of a payroll tax cut to boost the economy during the photo op

Death After Midnight

A Colorado mom of three shot dead with her own gun -- was it murder or suicide?

Facebook and Twitter suspend accounts linked to Chinese propaganda campaign

Facebook and Twitter have suspended hundreds of accounts they say were funded by China to spread disinformation against protesters in Hong Kong. CNET executive editor Roger Cheng joined CBSN with more.

Manhunt underway for suspect in California university stabbing

A manhunt is underway for a suspect who murdered a retired college administrator in California. Police discovered Steven Shek Keung Chan inside his car, bleeding from multiple stab wounds.

American Wonders: All aboard Nevada's star train

In our summer series, American Wonders, we’re exploring places that make America wonderful, from majestic natural landscapes to spectacular manmade creations. In this installment, we go on board a historic train bound for the remote Great Basin Desert in northern Nevada. Its passengers are not there to see sunny landscapes. They're focused on the views after dark. Lee Cowan reports.

What parents should know about dietary supplements for kids

"A pill isn't going to make you do better on a test... A pill won't help you make the varsity team. Food will, exercise will, studying will."

New York Times' "1619 Project" explores legacy of slavery in America

The New York Times' "1619 Project" marks 400 years since the first African slaves were brought to the U.S. and explores the continuing impact on the nation today. City College of New York professor Linda Villarosa contributed to that report and explained how enslaved people were physically tortured in the name of science and medicine.

Dana Jacobson

Co-host, "CBS This Morning: Saturday"

Three meals in Nevada: Voters talk immigration ahead of 2020

A diverse array of citizens from across the state discuss the topics most important to them

Three Meals: Iowa voters talk gun control and health care ahead of 2020

Several Democratic presidential candidates made their way to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair over the weekend -- and Ed O'Keefe caught up with the state's voters

Search for soccer stars drives modern human trafficking

Human traffickers are preying on the dreams of many young African migrants to play soccer in Europe. But instead of arriving to a contract and a locker room, many young men are left in cities with no money and no home. Ini-Obong Nkang, doctoral researcher at Nottingham Trent University, joined CBSN AM to discuss FIFA's role and how to improve the situation.

Police shoot man who took bus passengers hostage in Brazil

A man who took more than 30 people hostage on a bus in Rio de Janeiro has been shot and killed by police after a standoff lasting several hours. The passengers were unharmed. Nathalia Passarinho of BBC News joins CBSN with the latest.

Facebook and Twitter accuse China of spreading misinformation

Facebook and Twitter are blocking accounts from China that the companies say spread misinformation against pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong. Axios media reporter Sara Fischer joined CBSN with more on this, and an exclusive Facebook report.

Norah O'Donnell

Anchor and Managing Editor, "CBS Evening News"; Anchor, CBS News Election Specials; Contributing Correspondent, 60 Minutes

Police kill man who held bus passengers hostage

All of the hostages, who were unharmed, were freed after the standoff in Brazil

Man whose wife died in El Paso shooting gets new car after SUV was stolen

Antonio Basco received a new car from an El Paso car dealership after his SUV was stolen and wrecked hours after his wife's funeral over the weekend. His wife was one of the victims in the Walmart shooting.

3 reasons the U.S. economy isn't set to fall off a cliff

Despite mounting fears of a serious slump, the economy remains solid on many fronts, including GDP and hiring

Afghans restore art destroyed by Taliban as peace deal nears

"It was heartbreaking and horrific... they destroyed their own history," member of Afghan restoration team says

Court documents say Teterboro airport was travel hub for Epstein's alleged sex trafficking

The North Jersey Record reports flight logs obtained in the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein show Teterboro Airport in New Jersey was a travel hub for his private jets and alleged sex trafficking ring. Columnist Chris Maag wrote the article for the New Jersey Record and joined CBSN to discuss.

El Paso victim's husband given new SUV to replace stolen vehicle

Antonio Basco's SUV was stolen and wrecked hours after his wife's funeral, but a local car dealership stepped up to help in a big way

Nearby diner captures heartwarming moment between waiter and 91-year-old veteran

A Pennsylvania waiter is gaining national attention for his unexpected act of kindness toward an elderly customer. Facebook photos show Eat'n Park server Dylan Tetil joining a 91-year-old military veteran at his dinner table. After kneeling down to take his order, Dylan realized the man could use some company.

Warren releases plan to reduce mass incarceration

"It's not equal justice when a kid with an ounce of pot can get thrown in jail, while a bank executive who launders money for a drug cartel can get a bonus," she wrote in a post on the site Medium

Dozens of people detained amid tensions in Kashmir

Tensions remain high in Kashmir after India changed the status of the region earlier this month. Officials say 30 people were detained overnight. CBS News State Department and foreign affairs reporter Christina Ruffini joined CBSN AM with the latest.

Joe Biden takes presidential campaign to New Hampshire

While most of the 2020 presidential candidates are headed to California, Joe Biden is on his way to New Hampshire this week. Associated Press political reporter Hunter Woodall joined CBSN to explain the former vice president's strategy.

Jeff Glor

Co-host, "CBS This Morning: Saturday;" CBS News Special Correspondent

Michelle Miller

Co-host, "CBS This Morning: Saturday"

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